Commercial steamer- An Analysis

The material used for these kind of steamers should be very heavy kind of plastic or even stainless M_3819_vap4000steal. This is an important feature to look at because the steam being emitted from the steam cleaner would be of very high temperatures. Therefore, if the outer housing is made from weak plastic or sheet metal, then the chances are that the cleaner would break easily and basically have a much shorter life span.

The next feature you should inspect closely is the heating mechanism or the heating rod being used in the steamer. The heating rod is used to heat the water in the boiler to produce steam. It is important that your heating rod is easily removable from the boiler so that if it breaks or malfunctions you can easily buy a replacement without having to replace the whole boiler.

download (1)This will save you time, energy and of course money which is something we all try to save! In order to buy commercial steam cleaners that do not “suck” it is important that you buy a steamer that has an excellent warranty like the ones found here: Buy from a well known and reputable company that will offer you support for your machine as well as a warranty which is at least 5+ years. It is also ideal that the company offers a separate warranty on the boiler especially if it is particularly costly.

Commercial steamers- A Summary

images (5)Commercial steam cleaners are meant to be used in schools, factories, restaurants, offices and just about everywhere where heavy duty cleaning is needed. Cleaning your home and cleaning your business are two totally different things. Why? Simply because commercial places just tend to get dirtier.

These areas are highly trafficked, usually used by a lot of people and as a result are breeding grounds for dirt ad bacteria to build up. Therefore, heavy duty cleaning is necessary and the best machine for the job is a commercial steam cleaner. They are a bit more costly than regular home steam cleaners; however they are well worth the price tag. The most important thing when buying a steam cleaner is that it must be of high quality.

Make sure that it uses a stainless steel boiler that heats properly. This is to ensure that the right images (4)temperatures are achieved so that steam is efficiently produced. Do note that the better quality of boiler means that it will probably cost more. Another important aspect when buying a commercial steamer is to pay attention to the quality of plastic used for its outer housing. The best material that should be used is a very heavy duty plastic or stainless steel.